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Our mission is to excite, inspire, and motivate young people about the fun, importance, and impact of robotics technology in today’s world including STEM/STEAM curriculum. We hope to stimulate their imagination and creativity by encouraging them to explore, experience, and express themselves through our hands-on interactive robotics program. Held in a friendly, sports-like atmosphere, we focus on team building, problem solving, creativity and fun. Students will be working with the widely known and popular plastic LEGO¬© building blocks, including the more specialized pieces such as axles, gears, beams, wheels, motors, microcomputers, pneumatics and other parts that will enable them to safely create animated and exciting mechanical movements and other effects. The LEGO¬© Technic System has been adopted as the standard material for robotic designers, because of their sophisticated and powerful set of mechanical design components. The fact that they can be disassembled and reconfigured as necessary is essential in testing, design, and instruction.